By investigating repressed memories and anxiety through processes of drawing, my work explores ways in which the performative act or event can become a cathartic experience.

I see drawing as the trace of an action indicative to the artist’s  (physical, emotional and psychological) bodily states during its conception.  I explore the gesture through spoken word, writing, drawing, etching, live performance, video and audio documentation. By inducing my body into a state in which loss of control is immanent, I draw upon questions of human limitations and agency.

b.1990 Sydney, Australia. Brooke Carlson is a Master of Fine Arts candidate (USYD) with the past year of her academic studies undertaken at LUCA School of Art in Gent, België. In 2015, Carlson co-ordinated the national exhibition, Between the Lines (Verge Gallery, Sydney) and was awarded the Royston George Booker Scholarship (USYD) for overseas research. Carlson recently participated in IPA Venice 2016 | International Performance Art Week and undertook an intensive workshop on the praxis of performance mentored by VestAndPage - Verena Stenke (DE) and Andrea Pagnes (IT). Recent performances include BEGIN (Croxhapox Gallery, Gent), Silence (OFFoff Art Cinema, Gent) and Chalk Dialogue (Draw to Perform 3, Crows Nest Gallery, London). Her work has been exhibited at Tate Modern and London’s National Theatre.


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